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Sitting Ducks V-Boards™ & Y-Boards™ cuts two thirds off of your set up more drilling or pounding holes for decoys in frozen ground, setting decoys in rocky ground or problem!

V-Boards™ (floating)

Y-Boards™ (for field use only)

Turkey Y-Board™

Real Geese Decoys Carry-Lite Decoys Delta Decoys
Outlaw Decoys Outlaw Decoys Flambeau Decoys
Big Flock Decoys G&H Mirage Motion Decoys Carry Light Decoys
Real Geese Decoys Renzo Decoys Buckwing Decoys
Homemade Decoys Big Flock Decoys Feather Flex Decoys
 Any other silhouette decoys Shell Decoys Any other turkey decoys
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 The V-Board™ will also work with the vast majority of all homemade silhouettes.

If you have decoys not listed, Please ask, Sitting Ducks V-Boards & Y-Boards are compatible with most decoys on the market.

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