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4-pack of V-Boards™
      Only $49.99!

Six 4-packs of V-Boards™
      Only $299.00!

In Stock and Ready to Ship!

4-pack of Y-Boards™
       Only $34.99

Six 4-packs of Y-Boards™
        Only $159.99!

In Stock and Ready to Ship!

Y-Boards™ Turkey Pack
        Only $8.75!

In Stock and Ready to Ship!

The Sitting Ducks Y-Boards�™ Turkey Packs has everything you need to mount your turkey decoys. Package includes:

  • 1 Y-Board™
  • 3 Y-Board™ Stakes
  • 4 Set Screws
  • 3 Washer/Screws
  • 1 Carry Strap
  • Safety tape
  • Information sheet

1 pack of 12 Y-Board™ Stakes
         Only $12.50!

In Stock and Ready to Ship!

We've created these stakes to help you easily mount your shell and collapsible foam turkey decoys to the Sitting Ducks Y-Board™ (sold separately). They can be permanently mounted with a set screw (each pack includes 14 set screws).

For Shell Decoy Applications, the Y-Board™ Stakes will get your shell decoys up out of the stubble for greater visibility and drawing power. Best of all, there are no stakes to drive in on frozen or hard ground.

For Turkey Applications, the Y-Board™ Stakes will give you fast and easy set up when that gobbler answers back.

Note: Y-Board Stakes are not needed for G&H Mirage motion decoys and Higdon Motion and Magnum shell decoys that come with their own stakes.

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